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UBB has provided the fixed offices and over 248 square meters space (including classroom, library, self-learning center, exhibition hall and offices) and equipped with office facilities.

Self-learning Center

One of the important projects after the CI's opening ceremony was opening of the "Self-learning Center" launched from the November 2nd through a significant advertise in all the 24 faculties of the local university and the internet yahoo groups used by the students. The "Self-learning Center" was thought as a powerful way to improve the performance of the students attending the Chinese language courses through the usage of modern teaching software. For this, we installed in a dedicated space ten laptop computers equipped with the very best supply of educational software received as donation from Hanban. With the necessary equipment already in place, powerful tools like voice recognition or writing recognition are now available as complementary learning tools for the students. In the near future, more computers will be in the Self-learning center of the CI .Therefore, the future on-line learning programme on the CI website should be an efficient way to arouse the Chinese learners' interest in Transylvania area and improve their Chinese fluency.

Because we have a significant collection of DVD and CD/ROM covering many fields of interest from traditional medicine or martial arts to history, literature or gastronomy a lot of people manifested interest in watching the documentaries which are otherwise very hard to obtain. Also, there are many persons interested in buying different titles for their private usage, a fact which will have to consider in the future.


In the beginning of November, Hanban donated over 3000 books and textbooks aiming at an easier learning of the Chinese language and presenting the unique aspects of Chinese culture and civilization.

There is a rich supply of teaching materials intended to support the effort of learning Chinese in foreign countries. There are volumes of classical literature, Chinese calligraphy and painting, martial arts and the Chinese medicine and acupuncture, the world heritage and famous spots attraction in China and very attractive gastronomy books.

Online resources

We recommend “Learning Chinese for Free” in MyEChinese. http://www.myechinese.com/apps/lib/index.php?s=/Index/newtopic

Check out Games to learn Chinese vocabulary http://www.gameslearnchinese.com/


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