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HSK and HSKK- Written and Oral Chinese language tests for adults

Below is the schedule for HSK&HSKK test for this year.

The test-takers should comfirm the level they take before register and upload their photos when register for the test online(HSK level 1 and level 2 is not necessary).

Please log in http://www.chinesetest.cn/index.do to register

For more information contact:

Zhong laoshi --- yuqing_z@hotmail.com

Zhang laoshi --- russian_romantic@yeah.net

Review of HSK test

You can check this website, and download the related information, including the test simulation, examination instruction and so on:


Test dates Deadline for registration Pay dates
28 March 1 March 23 Feb - 27 Feb
16 May 19 April 13 April - 17 April
6 Dec 9 November 2 Nov - 9 Nov

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