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HSK and HSKK- Written and Oral Chinese language tests for adults

Below is the schedule for HSK&HSKK test for this year.

The test-takers should comfirm the level they take before register and upload their photos when register for the test online(HSK level 1 and level 2 is not necessary).

Please log in http://www.chinesetest.cn/index.do to register

For more information contact:

Zhong laoshi --- yuqing_z@hotmail.com

Zhang laoshi --- russian_romantic@yeah.net

Registration fee:

HSK level 1— price— 30lei

HSK level 2— price— 40lei

HSK level 3— price— 50lei

HSK level 4— price— 60lei

HSK level 5— price— 70lei

HSKK(Beginner Level) —— price 20 lei

HSKK (Intermediate Level) ——price 30 lei

The location of the test:

the Confucius Institute

Review of HSK test

You can check this website, and download the related information, including the test simulation, examination instruction and so on:


Test dates Deadline for registration Pay dates
28 March 1 March 23 Feb - 27 Feb
16 May 19 April 1 April - 10 April
6 Dec 9 November 2 Nov - 9 Nov

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