Teaching, travelling and enjoying Romania by CI Chinese teachers – Liu Jiuling

Bună tuturor!

I’m Liu Jiuling, the new Chinese teacher in Bistrita.

It is the first time I went this far abroad for such a long time. Bistrita is a quiet and clean city surrounded by the beautiful forests. It is really appreciated that I have a group of lovely students who are passionate about Chinese language and culture.

Pictures below show the tea culture introduction activity we held in Liceul Radu Petrescu with the 7-8th grade students. It was the first experience for them to know about Chinese tea. Everyone of them paid great attention when I was explaining the history of Chinese tea and different types of tea, some of whom even took notes about the effects of the tea for their health. The video about the long mouth teapot show attracted and shocked them as I imagined.

I would never forget their face expressions when they smelled the tea leaves, most of whom showed thoughts like “Oh my God, it’s really weird” on their faces, which amused me a lot. My colleague also gave an example about how to make tea and how to serve tea in Chinese culture. Each student was given a cup of tea to taste and “cheer” with each other, all of whom remembered to put the cup lower when they were serving with us. We took lots of pictures enjoying the pleasant time.

Time flies, it is the sixth month I’ve stayed in Romania. Things became more familiar from how strange they felt in the beginning. I deeply cherish the time spent with my students, getting to know them being what I consider as one of the luckiest chances I took.