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Teaching, travelling and enjoying Romania by CI Chinese teachers – Leah

Hello to you all. I am Leah (刘道媛). I am a Chinese teacher in Arad now. I have lived in Romania for more than four months and I have adapted to the rhythm of work and life here. During this time, there were many happy moments. (Arad) I remember when the plane was about to land in Cluj, and I overlooked the city from the air, that was my first impression of Romania. The red-roofed house are beautiful and quiet.

Teaching, travelling and enjoying Romania by CI Chinese teachers – Peng Dan

Name: 彭丹(PENG DAN)
Age: 26
Hometown: Si Chuan, China
University: Zhejiang University of Science and Technology
Teaching town: Baia Mare, Romania

Teaching, travelling and enjoying Romania by CI Chinese teachers – Liu Jiuling

Liu Jiuling

I’m Liu Jiuling, the new Chinese teacher in Bistrita.

It is the first time I went this far abroad for such a long time. Bistrita is a quiet and clean city surrounded by the beautiful forests. It is really appreciated that I have a group of lovely students who are passionate about Chinese language and culture.

Teaching, travelling and enjoying Romania by CI Chinese teachers – Chunyi

I’m Wang Chunyi the only Chinese teacher in Oradea which is called a potential future city. The first time I knew I would be sent to Oradea, I felt a bit nervous because I wondered whether I could survive by myself without any familiar relationship in a new environment. 

The mouse and the rat in Chinese cheng yu

What is a cheng yu might be the first thing you want to know when seeing the article. 成语(Chéngyǔ) can be translated in English as “idiom”, but it has both a very specific and important place in the Chinese language and culture, so translating it just like that is really not enough. Made of 3 up to 16 characters, though the majority consists of only 4, cheng yu’s are fixed phrases that mainly derive from classic stories, legends and books.

The orderly fashion of China – Vasi


The universe is chaos, and science states that life has its source in that obscure chaos, which then turns into some sort of order. It sounds mysterious, but I’m not that much into physics, so I’ll skip the scientific part.

Teaching, Travelling and Enjoying Romania by CI Chinese teachers – Sophia

I am Sophia, a Chinese teacher of Confucius Institute of Babeș-Bolyai University. I am living in Arad now. This is the second year in Arad. My life here is really joyful and interesting. I like and love this country for a few reasons. Here I would like to share my stories about what made me say “Bravo”!

Exploring the Shanghai fake market

Keep track of your spendings if you visit the fake market. It’s so easy to go overboard.

A few friends and I decided to hop on a high-speed train to Shanghai, where we’d planned to check our haggling skills at the biggest fake market in the city. The commercial spot is conveniently located inside the Subway Line 2, which is directly connected with the two main airports in Shanghai and the Hongqiao railway station. It’s on the west shore of the HuangPu River, not that you’d see the river from there anyway because the market is underground, but the idea of a market near the river sounds so romantic.

That time I got adopted in China – Eliza

Hello, my name is Eliza (陈枫诺), and I want to talk about my story of being adopted in an already huge family in China. My best friend who’s Chinese American was visiting his family during the Chinese Spring Festival and since I had nowhere to go, he invited me over to his grandparents’ house in Quangang, near Quanzhou. All stores close during the spring festival, so being a foreigner in China during that time is a test of survival.

Overcoming my baozi addiction in China – Vasi

My name is Vasi (瓦西) and I’m… clean, after being addicted to baozi for almost a year. For those who are wondering what baozi is, well, check the delicious picture below; at your own risk.