Teaching, travelling and enjoying Romania by CI Chinese teachers – Leah

Hello to you all. I am Leah (刘道媛). I am a Chinese teacher in Arad now. I have lived in Romania for more than four months and I have adapted to the rhythm of work and life here. During this time, there were many happy moments.


I remember when the plane was about to land in Cluj, and I overlooked the city from the air, that was my first impression of Romania. The red-roofed house are beautiful and quiet. When I walked out of the airport, the afternoon sun shone on my body, and the people around me talked in a language I can’t understand. On the way to the headquarters, I looked at the scenery receding all the way, and finally realized that I was in a foreign country.

(I overlooked the Cluj from the air)

This country is very beautiful. Every time I take a train, I hold my mobile phone to shoot and almost run out of memory. I think the scenery of Romania is very genuine, without any carving, with natural beauty. There are huge fields, rolling hills, beautiful and winding rivers, and free flying pigeons everywhere. Every sunset here is terribly beautiful. The river in front of our school has different scenery every season. I lay them on my mobile phone at different moments. These beautiful sceneries will make you feel calm and enjoy and feel the beauty of nature.


(The river in front of our school has different scenery at different time.)

(I like to take pictures on the train.)

In these months of living in Romania, I am very happy. I like to discover the different and similar aspects between China and Romania. For example, there are many pigeons on the street and square in Romania; there is a lot of sparkling water in the supermarket; there are few electric cars and people generally drive; the sunrise is late and the sunset is early . There are many more interesting places.

(There are many pigeons on the street and square in Romania.)

During the Christmas holiday, I went to six cities in Romania with my colleagues. We went to the famous Peles Castle, Corvin Castle, to Alba Iulia, etc. I have a better understanding of Romania. On the evening of New Year’s Day, we watched the fireworks in Hunedoara together, and counted down and shouted Happy New Year together. That was something that made me very happy.

(Celebrating New Year with my colleagues in Hunedoara.)

Fortunately, the dean, colleagues and students I have met are very nice. They care about my life, which can help me reduce some cultural shock. The performance of the students is also very warm. They always greet me in class and through WeChat and tell me to take good care of myself. Health is the most important thing. These actions and words make me feel a special warmth in a foreign country.

(Making dumplings with my colleagues.)

(Some of my lovely students.)

The most fulfilling and happiest is when I stay with my students. What moved me was that a student said that my idiom class was her favorite course because she liked the story I told and the clear explanation. There are also a few sophomore students who like to take my intensive reading class, like the way I guide them and let them think positively, and feel that I am like their older sister. There was also a student in the university Chinese class who told me more than once that she particularly liked Chinese classes, and that she had come to every class, she had never been absent, and was very active in class. She also often shares her favorite candies with me. I’m really touched by these things. I think these are the reasons for „That’s why I am here”.

(Experience Chinese Chopsticks.)

I deeply feel that being with students is the happiest thing. I named the students from the beginning. When I wrote their Chinese names on the card and gave them as a surprise, they also secretly put the cards together to take pictures and came to give me a hug after class. On St. Nicholas Day , I gave a lesson to a high school class. I didn’t know about this day before, so they introduced to me in detail. Nicholas will bring sweets and gifts to good children in this day, and his assistant will punish bad children. A few children secretly gave me cookies as gifts. I joked that I was a good child too, and they all laughed. These are the little things that touched me. Unfortunately, some things didn’t leave an image, but these things will remain in my heart.

(A few children secretly gave me cookies as gifts.)

Meeting with these cute people in a foreign country. I am so grateful to meet them and I hope I will have no regrets when I leave. Volunteer work is full of challenges, but at the same time, it will bring you an unparalleled sense of accomplishment, especially when you are teaching great students. I am very happy to live and work in Romania. The people I met are so great. I will continue to cherish for the rest of my life the time spent in Romania. I believe that in the future, I will miss the beautiful bits here. The life in Romania will be an unforgettable wave in my life.













让人最有成就感最幸福的还是和学生一起的时候。让我感动的事情是大三的一名学生说我的成语课是她最喜欢的一门课,因为她很喜欢我讲的故事和清晰的解释。还有几个大二的学生说喜欢上我的精读课,喜欢我引导他们,让他们积极思考的方式,觉得我像他们的大姐姐,和我一起上课很开心。还有大学兴趣班的一名学生不止一次的向我表达她特别喜欢上汉语课,而且她每节课都来,从未缺勤,课堂上也特别积极,她还经常给我带她喜欢吃的小零食,就像朋友一样想和我分享她喜欢的东西,下课后聊一些她喜欢做的事情。这些教学上的点滴让我很感动,我觉得这些才是“That’s why I am here”的理由。