Teaching, Travelling and Enjoying Romania by CI Chinese teachers – Sophia

I am Sophia, a Chinese teacher of Confucius Institute of Babeș-Bolyai University. I am living in Arad now. This is the second year in Arad. My life here is really joyful and interesting. I like and love this country for a few reasons. Here I would like to share my stories about what made me say “Bravo”!

The natural environment is amazing. For me, I like a village with fresh air, clean river, blue sky and short but historic buildings. I like a city with convenient facilities, comprehensive services. I like a place that has its own history. Yes! It has! The beautiful city Arad makes me feel satisfied for living and working here.

Heating system always makes me feel warm in the long winter season here. When I go to school, there is heating. When I go to restaurants, there is heating. When I go back home, there is heating! It is more healthy than air-conditioner.

The kids are very cute. I always feel that they look like dolls with perfect eyes and skin. The students in middle schools always come and give me a sweet hug. They made me feel very warm.

When we do activities with people here, they are very interested in Chinese culture. They like our calligraphy, instrument performance and Chinese traditional clothes. This made my work here more meaningful!

Then I traveled to different places. I have seen a lot of beautiful things. The snow in Sinaia, the New Year’s Eve in Brasov, the Culture palace in Iasi, the National museum in Bucharest…. Yes, I have been to 11 cities in Romania! I will keep such sweet memories my whole life!

Hope I will continue to enjoy the work and life here. I am thankful for the opportunity to be here. The stories in Romania will continue…