Our Time in China: Studying and Travelling

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Exploring the Shanghai fake market

Keep track of your spendings if you visit the fake market. It’s so easy to go overboard.

A few friends and I decided to hop on a high-speed train to Shanghai, where we’d planned to check our haggling skills at the biggest fake market in the city. The commercial spot is conveniently located inside the Subway Line 2, which is directly connected with the two main airports in Shanghai and the Hongqiao railway station. It’s on the west shore of the HuangPu River, not that you’d see the river from there anyway because the market is underground, but the idea of a market near the river sounds so romantic.

That time I got adopted in China – Eliza

Hello, my name is Eliza (陈枫诺), and I want to talk about my story of being adopted in an already huge family in China. My best friend who’s Chinese American was visiting his family during the Chinese Spring Festival and since I had nowhere to go, he invited me over to his grandparents’ house in Quangang, near Quanzhou. All stores close during the spring festival, so being a foreigner in China during that time is a test of survival.

Overcoming my baozi addiction in China – Vasi

My name is Vasi (瓦西) and I’m… clean, after being addicted to baozi for almost a year. For those who are wondering what baozi is, well, check the delicious picture below; at your own risk.

Our Time in China: Studying and Travelling – Maria

My Christmas trip to Beijing Hello! I am Maria (邓晴岚) and I would like to tell you about my Christmas trip to Beijing. I started being interested in this city a few years ago when we started studying Chinese Culture and History at the Faculty of Letters. Our teachers always talked about places such as the Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace or the Forbidden City.  One of my dreams is to see all the places I studied about. So, after

Our Time in China: Studying and Travelling – Lidia

大家好! Hello everyone! My name is Lidia and I’d like to share with you some of my last year’s experience in one of the most beautiful places in China. I would never have thought that one day I would have the opportunity to visit such an amazing country and learn so many new things about such a different and fascinating culture. I spent most of the time there in Hangzhou, the city I went to study in. However, somewhere in

Our Time in China: Studying and Travelling – Andreea

Life itself drives us where we deserve to be. My name is Andreea (杜语心) and last year, I spent it studying in Hangzhou, China. This was my first experience studying aboard and I will share a few of my adventures during my time there. My favourite part about studying in China is being able to learn both in and outside of the classroom. I have learned a lot about the world, society and myself. What I liked most was, of

Our Time in China: Studying and Travelling – Maria-Eliza

Bună tuturor! Mă numesc Velica Maria-Eliza şi am să vă împărtăşesc o parte din experienţele mele  minunate din China. Cum am ajuns acolo? Ei bine, de la vârsta de 15 ani visul meu a fost să merg in Asia, să călătoresc, să studiez şi să aflu cât mai multe lucruri despre această cultură. Aşa că, mi-am construit un plan şi un drum pe care vreau să-l urmez în viaţă, astfel, prin muncă şi prin ivirea oportunităţilor, am reuşit să obţin

Our Time in China: Studying and Travelling – Adelina

大家好! My name is Adelina (安玥怡) and I spent last year studying in Hangzhou, China. China for me was a great opportunity to study, get to know the culture and also visit places that I only heard about or seen in movies or documentaries. It was the first time I travelled alone, and for such a long time, so this year spent in China was an experience that has shown me a lot of things both about the country and